Abhika from India

We are Indian couple. Our purpose was not just have a baby but we want the first child to be son, In addition, my wife is a carrier of thalassemia as we know there is the method called PGD which we can select the one that didn?t carry the disease and preferred gender thus we were looking for the place which is worthwhile we found Thailand was the most attractive place because we planned to have the holiday time at their as well. We found iBaby Fertility website quite interesting so we contacted the nurse by the number posted on the website after having conversation with her we have more confidence to go there. When we arrived Bangkok airport we got a very warm approaching as we were picked up by the nurse from the air port to the hotel then to the clinic where is located at the same building everything just too easy. We met Dr.Pisit in the afternoon in the same day.

3 weeks later PGD process had been done. We have never had any problem with reproductive system after we got the best embryo we did ET with Dr.Pisit too. Furthermore, my wife she felt so appreciated with the service here we just used elevator to our room with assistance from staff all the time and the nurse came to visit us at our room in the early time after the procedure. We stayed at the hotel for a few days then flew back to India. My wife got blood test in 2 weeks later and the result is positive then when her gestational age about 16 weeks we knew from the ultrasound that we got son our family?s member were so gratified we got party at that day. Above all, I would like to say thank you to Dr. Pisit we will go to see him again for the next child.