B and N from Japan

Firstly, we were so impressed for the doctor and staff service we were worry before as seeing doctor always made us stressful, but here was different the nurse picked us up from the airport and she was with us till we got the hotel where was so comfortable and convenient we could walk to the clinic and didn’t have to wait for long to see doctor this was not difficult as we thought.

we both carrier of Beta-thalassemia that mean the opportunity that our child would present the illness will be about 50%.Thus we found out a lot of information about this disease. Our child will have tremendous suffering if he or she is unlucky. Then we met Dr.Pisit and all of the nice staff we were so appreciated. He clarified us as the situation wasn’t that dire our child can be 100% normal by PGD method for making sure that only a healthy embryo was chosen. We were so lucky for meeting him our son has no gene of thalassemia. I think this is worth doing for every family which has history about any of genetic problem otherwise it would be the endless problem for entire of our life. We want to say thank you very much to Pisit and all the staff at his clinic who always caring and being so nice to us.