Jamie and Eric from USA

We are so happy now as we got a completed family are so extremely grateful for Dr.Pisit and his team for making our dream come true and we want to say thank you for all staff who gave us a warm greeting every time we go there.

Me and my wife we had been trying so hard to have babies we did that 3 times in the USA. The result was positive at the second time but ended up with miscarrying and the third was fail. We spent vast sum of money so we decided to pause for a year searching for the information on the Internet as we have known in Asian hospital we were able to obtain such the treatment for less than a half price of we paid before. Then we found Thailand as the best choice we send e-mail to many of hospital and clinic and we got all nice respond and we liked them all, but we have to choose then we chose Dr.Pisit the point for us was he has a very good reputation. Moreover, his clinic has very convenient facilities as it located in the heart of Bangkok we could stay in the same place as clinic so it very easy for my wife to have a rest. Finally, we met him and everything went the same as we expected, but our problem quite complicated my wife she has endometriosis so she has to be undergone the special treatment for hormone intake and follow up with ultrasound for several time. I knew that he tend to treat us carefully so we were not rush him.

We spent time almost one year with our strong belief. We were so excited at the day at the day he did IVF for us as we had been waiting for long. He transferred 3 of embryos for us due to increasing possibility to conceive. Everyting, was more than our expectation because we got twins daughters and they were so perfect. We have never felt regret for everything we have done as we lost much of money and time because our gifts are so worthwhile.