Mr. W from Vietnam

I felt very special when I walk in to the clinic I had a warm greeting from nurse and every staff there. I got my lovely son who is absolutely healthy. I was crying on the day he born as if he is a precious gift for me. Now he is the reason I am living for. I’m eternally grateful for Dr.Pisit who gave me the best gift.

I was almost to give my hope up since I’ve found myself catching a most cruel virus contagious disease .Everyone knows it very well as this virus can not be cured by any treatment. Therefore, people who found them self infected will feel like their whole life is ruined. Including myself, I was living with agony for a few years before I learnt to live with the fact.

Although, it is impossible to be such an ordinary people I think my life must goes on .Furthermore, I can subsist my life with happiness of fulfilling everything I dreamed before. I have my own business which I love. I would like my children to carry it on for me but how can be possible as I got that crucial disease if I did sexual intercross my baby would be undoubtedly infected. Thus I decided to consult this with specialist as recommendation from my friend, Dr.Pisit is a specialist in embryology who could succor me. After I met him, I’ve know that science method can disinfect my sperm and there is no incidence of infected baby or the one who conceive by using this method. So I conclude to do such a way I suggested, he did ICSI for me. Finally, the outcome was really gratifying.