Richard from Canada

I’m a man from Canada .I’m not a couple. I had never had any idea to have child before, but when I’m getting old, I realized that I might be lonely when I’m retired moreover my life would be meaningless. So I decided to consult with the nurse who I found on iBaby Fertility website then she arranged schedule for me to go to Thailand and do sperm collection. So I met Dr.Pisit he explained thoroughly for every procedure he was going to do then I have to choose the Egg’s donor and interviewed her as I have to find the most satisfying. After one healthy girl was chosen I flew back to Canada waiting for a good news .One month and a half later, I got an e-mail from the nurse that I got twins babies. This was more than my expectation, but I’m so happy

When I first saw them from ultrasound, At their 12 weeks age. I was almost crying because they were so cute. I affectionately imagined that they look like a little Yin Yang. They were so healthy and active kicking each other some time. They were so adorable I would like to stay at this moment forever watching them all the time. Dr.Pisit captured the most clear picture of them and gave me. Above all, I’m genuinely thank and appreciated about the wonderful lady who sacrificed herself to carry babies for me and Dr.Pisit for fulfilling my dream that I used to believe It would not become true.