Skjoenhals Family

Ida Mari and Ferdinand Augustin Skjonhals from Norway.

We are a couple from norway, 24 and 29 years old at that point.  We had tried to get pregnant for 6 years. We had tried 4 IVF/ICSI and 4 FER transfer in Norway. We got positive test almost every time, but we always ended up loosing it. In Norway they actually said and used the words: its only bad luck!! Thats why we tried so many times. In Norway they cant do chromosome tests if that is not any chromosome wrong with the parents, need to apply and its very hard to get a yes.

We were looking for a clinic with IVF treatment and we found iBaby Clinic. My Thai friend help me to contact the clinic. We had Skype contact with the doctor, and he convince me to try the IVF/ICSI and do a PGD to check for chromosome error. We are glad that we listen to Dr. Pisit! Turns out that my husband have bad sperm.

I did all the medicine in Norway and went to Thailand 3 days before the harvest off eggs. They harvest 26 eggs, and tested the 10 best egg for PGD. Only 4 off 10 was normal!!!

We transfer 1 boy and 1 girl back. Few days later we got positive test. And at 6+4 week pregnant we had and ultrasound in Norway, We got twins 😀

We were so happy, and 7 month later our lovely twin came to this world. All because off iBaby Fertility. This clinic is so clean, and the staff are so nice. A great place to get help.

I open a blog for people in Norway to see its possible, many have contacted me already. One off the couple that contacted me about this clinic has also succeeded after their visit to all IVF Center. Hard not to recommend this clinic.

Thank you all at iBaby Fertility 🙂