Takeshi and Chisato from Japan

We’re Japanese couple. We have been trying to have child for 5 years with various infertility clinics in other countries. We were about to give up as we try it several times. We were trying so hard to use our sperms and eggs but all the operations failed. Therefore we decided to do another way.

Meanwhile we have to move to Thailand due to my duty of work then we found that Thailand has many places and skillful specialists in IVF and the price was so cheap so we did not hesitate to start again. We realised that The clinic was so beautiful since the first step we got in there was a very comfortable and relaxing place. We met the friendly nurse we asked her so many questions and she answered nicely made me feel more pleasant. For doctor he clarified everything for us and he recommended us to use donated eggs because it would be more possibility to have healthy embryos. We both agreed with him It was not matter for using donated eggs. After few process we got 5 healthy embryos. Dr.Pisit transferred 2 of them to my wife’s uterus and kept the rest frozen in case of we have to do that again. Unfortunately, we got failure at the first time as my wife quite old, but didn’t mean impossible for he get pregnant so we did the second time with 3 embryos. Finally, we got a good news this is the best thing in our life we are going to be parent soon. From my perspective, having a good doctor to take care is the key to succeed, Dr.Pisit is qualified with that as he is very nice and empathy.